Chesed Opportunities

The Orthodox community of Rhawnhurst is aware of the obligation and responsibility of performing Chesed (acts of loving-kindness). Our community has been blessed with many compassionate and creative people who organize, supply, and provide many chesed opportunities. Below is a list of services and Gemachs (free lending sources) for many different occasions. If you or someone you know can benefit from these services, or if you would like to contribute items or time and energy towards any of the projects listed below, please contact the person indicated.

Gemach Projects:
Simcha Gemach: Mother and sister gowns available to lend for your simchah. Please call Mrs. B Garfinkel at 215-745-1625
Baby Accessory Gemach: If you need baby accessories or have baby clothes, furniture, cribs, strollers, toys, etc., that you want to pass on call Karen Coleman 215-342-8559.
Baby Clothing Gemach: G’mach Chana l’ilui nishmas Chana bas Yishai Yaacov has children’s clothing from newborn to size 4 and a few bigger sizes. Also, a few pieces of baby equipment. If you would like to donate clothing in decent shape or if you would like some clothing for your child(ren), please e-mail Yaacov Moshe Leiba Silverman or phone 215-745-3996.
Uniform Gemach: Are your daughters outgrowing their Politz Hebrew Academy uniforms or are you looking for the next sizes for you daughter? Please call Mrs. C. Deppen and she will try to find the right match. 215-742-4554.
Children’s Clothing G’mach: This G’mach has clothing from size 5/6 up through young adult. Please call Zippy at 215-742-3152
Magazine or Book Gemach: Do you know someone in the hospital or homebound in the need of Jewish reading material? Please call Mrs. S. Nulman at 215-742-7350.
Simchah Servers: This Gemach will lend you serving pieces, baskets, and centerpieces to enhance your simchah. For information please call Mrs. Katz at 215-969-5960 x2. This Gemach is in memory of Rivka Aviva Bas Eliyahu Lipman.
Medical Supplies: Bikkur Cholim of Philadelphia has medical equipment available including wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc. Please call Mrs. E. Moddel at 215-725-2957.
Bais Avail Gemach: If anyone is sitting Shiva, chas v’shalom and is in ne
ed of comfortable low chairs, mishanayos, sign in sheets, halacha books for availos, hamakom signs, please call Mrs. F. Rosenberg at 215-722-7574. This Gemach is in memory of Reb Aharon Shmuel Ben Reb Psachya and Shlomo Ben Avrohom.

Other Chesed Projects:
Mitzvah Meals: Know of someone new in the neighborhood? Someone recently give birth? Is there a parent in the hospital chas vishalom?

Please call one of the following people to arrange suppers for the family:
Shira Horowitz: 215-342-0205
Susie Wohlgelenter: 215-342-2999
Laya Gindoff: 215-742-8356

Lachmei Mitzvah: Are you or do you know someone making a seudas mitzvah, for a bris, pidyon haben, sheva brachos, siyyum, etc. at home? Please callMrs. D. Ungar for a seudah challah made for your special occasion. 215-342-1254. This Gemach is in memory of Rivkah Aviva Bas Eliyahu Lipman
Bikkur Cholim: If you know someone who is hospitalized or homebound and would enjoy visitors, or if you would like to visit others, please call Susie Wohlgelernter at 215-342-2999 or Dubbie Ungar at 215-342-1254