Ahavas Torah


1425 Rhawn Street near Dungan Road
Rabbi Mordechi Terebelo
Phone (215)725-3610

Congregation Ahavas Torah has a full schedule of minyanim and many shiurim, guest speakers and lecturers.

Rabbi Terebelo, teaches a number of classes including Daf Yomi, a parsha shiur, and halachot of upcoming Yomim Tovim.

Ahavas Torah has a 10:00 PM Ma’ariv minyan Sunday through Thursday nights, excluding Yom Tov and fast days. This has actually turned out to be somewhat of a Rhawnhurst community minyan attracting participants from other shuls in the area. It’s an option for those who missed earlier minyanim at their “home” shuls.

There is a wonderful weekly parsha class that has been going on at Ahavas Torah every Monday between 7:00 and 8:00 pm followed by Ma’ariv service. If you are looking to increase your knowledge of the weekly Torah portion, gain more insight into the Torah, and have something to say over at the Shabbos ta
ble this class is for you. It is given by someone who lives outside of Philadelphia who is very knowledgeable, entertaining, and thought provoking. The class is open to everyone and is easy to understand. You are sure to love it.

Another program that is hosted in Ahavas Torah is the Bnos Agudath Yisroel Shabbos group. They meet every Shabbos in age appropriate groups where they play games, hear parsha stories and eat snacks.