Lubavitcher Center


7622 Castor Avenue at Napfle
Rabbi Avraham Shemtov
Phone (215)725-2030.

Shabbos morning, davening starts at 9:00 am with a shiur directly before. Following shachris, there is usually a sit-down kiddush.

Rabbi Avraham Shemtov is the main Lubavitch shliach for the entire Philadelphia area.

Rabbi Zalman Lipsker focus on the Israeli population of Northeast Philadelphia with Va’adah L’dovrei Ivrit Chabad.

Rabbi Sholom Goldshmid runs the Lubavitch Center for Russian Jewry.

A special thing about Lubavitcher Center is that it can transform itself into many things besides a shul. Before Rosh Hashanah, the shul becomes a shofar factory in which thousands of children can make their own shofar. Different shul members and often bachurim from Crown Heights travel in and visit all the hospitals in the area and blow shofar for the patients. At Succot time, a “succah mobile” travels through Philadelphia reaching metropolitan center city. The large menorah that is displayed in front of the shul at Chanukah. Before Pesach, the shul once again transforms into a factory, this time teaching children how matzos are made for Pesach. Children are encouraged to take part in the preparation to really understand the processes involved.